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Our company’s mission is to increase shareholder wealth by assisting in the development of small and large scale mining of Ghana’s Alluvial gold on currently successful  locations, and acquiring other prime gold concessions as they become available as well as to provide the knowledge, equipment, and support for Alluvial Gold Mining in Ghana, West Africa.

The Alluvial areas of keen interest consist of 30/40+ sq. Kilometers on just one concession, the balance of that concession will be mined for hard rock. Two major companies with extensive experience in the gold sector, especially in Ghana, have already evaluated the alluvial potential – both came to the same conclusion: the water ways are extremely rich in gold and is suitable for a immediate large scale mining operation.

Our focus is on becoming an intermediate then a major gold producer by developing our gold projects in southwestern Ghana. Our work efforts center around one of the most favorable mining jurisdictions on the Asankranga Gold Belt within the Kumasi basin. The Kumasi Basin is among the richest Alluvial gold bearing land in the world.

Alluvial Gold Mining, or Placer Mining, is surface mining done by washing deposits of sand and gravel in modern or ancient stream beds, or occasionally glacial deposits. Done right and in the right location, Alluvial Mining is considered the most lucrative forms of mining.

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