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I Have Two Buyers Looking for Gold


I have 2 serious buyer and I m looking real seller for a while. Our buyers are ready to buy Gold if price is good. Pls see on below clearly situation and order details.

I need price and confirmation from you.

1- First buyer from Czech Republic. He is refinery.

Quantity will be min.100 Kg. For this CZ buyer,first meeting must be in Prague with sample. Refinery want to test sample than if all ok will purchase 100 Kg.

This meeting must be in Prague because refinery cash depo in Prague. Before the sending 100 kg ,Buyer will open Cash deposit account together the seller with the buyer. All this process will going on base notary. Payment process must be going on in Prague. That is why buyer asking, the seller must be in Prague personally.

2-Second buyer from Swiss. He has enough money and he want gold for invest.

This buyer quantity around 10 Kg to 500 Kg depends on price. This buyer can fly seller refinery and visit refinery for sample test.

We are waiting price from you.


We don’t need help finding refineries / buyers for gold. In fact no one that possesses gold needs the help of a broker. There is at least one refinery every major city on earth. There is also no discount you will find where you can simply buy gold and sell it for a profit either.

It astonishes me that there are so many people searching for discounted gold on the internet when gold actually sells for no more than 3% below the daily world price no matter where you are on earth. Let me be the first to inform you that you can’t make money trying to broker gold transactions.

While you can easily find buyers of gold, no seller needs help finding buyers. Buyers are everywhere and anyone can buy gold from companies such as http://Monex.com, but those seeking some kind of discount are left to wander the vest ocean of scammers that you continue to find on the internet. I strongly suggest you stop seeking gold sellers online or sooner or later you will lose your money or the money of others.



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