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Are There any Real Gold Sellers in Ghana


I would like to know if you had the chance of purchasing gold from Ghana in the end? Are there real gold sellers or everyone is in the scam business? I’m being contacted by so many sellers, although I know that 99% are fake. For the beginning I’ve been asking for documents which should be sent to me but verified by a notary or any government body. They send them to me on mail but don’t want to send a copy of the documents which make it very hard to think that they are real sellers.

Thank you in advance!!


There are really no “gold sellers” in Ghana. Period. In the area gold is mined, it is sold to local buyers as fast as it comes out of the ground. 5% below spot is the best price I have ever seen gold be sold for, and that was in a very remote area where the miners would have too far to go to get 3% below.. which is the standard price. Those remote areas are locations where illegal mining happens, and only a few dozen grams a day / at a time is what the Galamsey miners produce. It takes official buying offices a week to gather 1kg of gold from the local miners.. so 5 kgs + is a months worth of production for local production in remote locations.

Although Ghana is well known as a top gold producer, the companies that produce that gold are all publicly traded and they do not sell gold to anyone. They send that gold directly to refineries.


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