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Buying Gold Through AA Minerals


Dear Sir, I have been approached by a Seller that has 150 kg of gold to sell. The buyer has specified that he prefers to work through AA Refinery or any other refinery except PMMC.

If you can help in this regard please send me your info


I hope you took the time to read ALL that is on the Q&A here. Please do before you go any further in your pursuit.

There is NO ONE that just sits around and collects 150kgs of gold. That would take many months to do so… and no one can afford to do that. Based upon that alone, the offer is a scam.

Having said that, AA Minerals is the most trustworthy company to facilitate the buying of gold in Ghana. You still have to be VERY careful. AA with not help you make sure the procedure is safe (unless you possibly sit down with them without the seller and ask).

A safe procedure would be to follow the same way that AA buys. The seller must agree to smelt ALL of the gold you buy at the same time. NEVER NEVER buy gold based upon testing a sample.

The chances are that anyone offering 5kgs or more is SCAMMER. The folks at AA Minerals will tell you that too if you speak to them BEFORE you talk about the “seller”. AA Minerals will pay to -2% to -3% below world market price. If a seller is willing to do a transaction through AA Minerals at a higher discount than that 1) they will sell to AA before selling to you and 2) they are a scammer.

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