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Can You Handle This Gold Transaction


Can you handle this transaction please ????? I have a gold buyer in Ghana now for 10 days. Paying gross 28,000, net 26,000. Paying in USD, cash. Start with 10-20KG or more, and then rolls and extensions.

The buyer will make arrangements to meet at the refinery (not PMMC) after receiving Sellers name, quantity of gold and Proof of Product, photos with newspaper or a note on top of the gold says date and my name “S B”.   Need the email, skype and phone numbers.

Buyer will call and schedule appointments on Monday, Tuesday,etc.”


Tell him to go home while he still can. There are absolutely no “gold sellers” in Ghana that you will find. They don’t exist. It takes millions of dollars in equipment to produce that much gold. Tell your “buyer” to look around and realize there are gold buying offices in every city in Ghana. Gold is sold as fast as it comes out of the ground, especially by small scale miners. Large scale miners sell gold directly to world class refineries, or sometimes PMMC or AA Minerals.

Good Luck, you’re going to need it because you might not be able see through the greed. There is no discounted gold “for sale” anywhere on earth. Especially in Ghana.

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