Gold for sale

Can You Handle This Gold Transaction


Can you handle this transaction please ????? I have a gold buyer in Ghana now for 10 days. Paying gross 28,000, net 26,000. Paying in USD, cash. Start with 10-20KG or more, and then rolls and extensions.

The buyer will make arrangements to meet at the refinery (not PMMC) after receiving Sellers name, quantity of gold and Proof of Product, photos with newspaper or a note on top of the gold says date and my name “S B”.   Need the email, skype and phone numbers.

Buyer will call and schedule appointments on Monday, Tuesday,etc.”


Tell him to go home while he still can. There are absolutely no “gold sellers” in Ghana that you will find. They don’t exist. It takes millions of dollars in equipment to produce that much gold. Tell your “buyer” to look around and realize there are gold buying offices in every city in Ghana. Gold is sold as fast as it comes out of the ground, especially by small scale miners. Large scale miners sell gold directly to world class refineries, or sometimes PMMC or AA Minerals.

Good Luck, you’re going to need it because you might not be able see through the greed. There is no discounted gold “for sale” anywhere on earth. Especially in Ghana.

Real Sellers of Gold


I am looking for real sellers of gold


There are plenty of places to buy gold such as any of the world refineries found here >>

If what you are looking for is a place to buy DISCOUNTED gold – you are wasting your time and will lose more than you could ever make in the process. The only way to get discounted gold is to mine it, or invest in the mining operations. It takes millions of dollars in equipment to successfully mine gold.

As far as buying gold, I would take the time to read all that as written here in the Question and Answer section before looking further.

Gold for sale on the internet at a discount


I have buyers in USA looking for Africa Gold.  Why wouldn’t someone post gold for sale at a reasonable price on the internet?


Gold is never “for sale” – ever. Gold is MONEY and it is exchanged for currency (which is not money) from time to time to pay for labor and for fuel / continued mining costs, only because you can’t pay for such things in gold – or we would.

When you change currency from say USD to Ghana Cedis, there is a small exchange rate of 1-2%. any more than that would be too much – and so it is the same for gold. Gold is traded for currency from time to time, but only at a few percent below it’s daily value… therefore there is no gold “being sold” at some disproportionate value i.e. large % below the world market price.

You simply cannot make money trading gold = buying it for less than it is worth and selling it for more and yielding a profit. The competition is GLOBAL and the margins are thin. Gold is not like wheat, corn, coffee, or other physical commodities that don’t always trade at their index value – gold ALWAYS trades at, near or OVER full value, no matter where it the world the gold is available. If you can fly a plane there, or drive a car there – someone has an office paying world market less a few % already set up there.

… and if there is internet there – there is no way anyone would need to advertise gold on the internet for sale – that would mean that you could already fly a plane and drive a car there… and someone will have already set up an office there… buying gold at a few % below the world market price!

Willing to pay 3% tax to get gold now


I can send my representative with visa to you in your destination with 5kg to 25kg maximum  if  you can pay for 3% Government Tax to complete the insurance and documents for the delivery.


There is absolutely no way we will pay for any fees what so ever. This is a classic scam. If you have gold, then you can get enough cash to pay whatever fees need to be paid to move the gold out of your country. Nice try.

Ready to Supply 2 Metric Ton Gold


I have a client for PPP ,who is a gold trader/buyer. He made an offer for 2 MT per month and the seller did not perform. I know he has 150 MT SKR for gold in a bank. I believe he would want quantity. He asked for a ‘Sales and Purchase Agreement’ from my fake seller @ 2 MT monthly.

Can you come up with a situation that might be of interest to him ?


2 MT of gold is 2,000 kilos of gold – or about 70,500 ounces of gold x 12 months = 846,000 ounces of gold per year. Ghana’s largest mine is located Tarkwa, owned by Gold Fields Ltd. which is a publicly traded company. Last year Gold Fields produced approximately 760,000 ounces of gold…. and you are asking for more gold in a year than the largest mine in Ghana produces. Needless to say, there is no way we could help you – and it is our opinion that you will not find any individual mining company on earth that will supply you this much gold.

Available gold supply to the Nigerian market


I will like to have a very long time business relationship with you in respect of your Gold products. Am in Nigeria and I wish to be your representative here in Nigeria. I have customers over here and you will make good sells .


Thank you for your inquiry, however we do not sell gold outside of Ghana, and we do not use brokers / need brokers to help us sell gold. Gold buyers are certainly everywhere, including Nigeria, however serious gold buyers understand that they need to be as close as possible to the location that the gold comes out of the ground to have the best chance to buy gold.

With this idea in mind, many gold buyers have come to Ghana to set up gold buying offices. There are gold buying offices in every city in Ghana near where gold is found. The market is saturated, and I wouldn’t even suggest that you go to Ghana and try to buy, but you should certainly go and see the density of gold buyers first hand – then you will understand.

Gold supply for serious gold buyers in Dubai


I’m the CEO of the Company in Dubai UAE. We have really serious buyers for gold in Dubai. Can you offer?


We do not supply gold to buyers that do not have offices in Ghana. Gold buyers are everywhere, especially with gold at record prices… no one can simply buy and sell gold and expect to make a living these days – there simply isn’t enough extra supply.

Gold bar, dust, the quality, quantity, procedure, and price


Please send me the information about gold bar, dust, the quality, quantity,  procedure, price (CIF/FOB) and commission.


We do not sell gold to third parties. No one that works in the gold trade in Ghana who actually has gold, needs any help selling it – therefore there are no broker commissions ever paid. In Ghana there are gold buying offices in every large city such as Accra and Kumasi as well as every other smaller city such as Bibiani, Obuasi, Dunkwa, Tarkwa, Bogoso and every city in between.

It is ILLEGAL to sell gold dust in Ghana, so don’t ever be fooled into attempting to buy gold dust. 100% of all gold dust “sellers” are fake. They use many methods to part you from your money and leave you empty handed.

No one will ever offer you gold CIF. Anyone offering gold CIF should also be considered a scammer. Anyone that has gold can trade some for cash and ship it anywhere in the world. Gold miners demand top dollar, as anyone that has the money and ability to mine gold would…. If it was you would you sell your gold at a discount? No you wouldn’t.

We found all this out by actually traveling to Ghana in an attempt to buy gold a few years ago. I wish you the best of luck… but if you are trying to find gold “sellers” to work with as a broker and make a commission, you will only find scammers.

Gold Dore supply to Ghana Gold Refineries


Do I understand correctly if I say that you supply gold dore to refineries out of Ghana?


There are many small scale mining companies that sell their production to the buying companies in the cities we work in on a daily or weekly basis. They are not “refineries”, they are actually gold buyers with legal offices set up in every city in Ghana where gold is found.

If you are going to ask if we can supply gold to you, the answer is we don’t supply gold to third parties – and the reasons are many. When the need arises to trade gold production for cash, it is to pay for expenses such as fuel or labor. This need is immediate and the local buyers have cash available and their offices and they are open every day. The going price the local buyers pay is 2-5% below the world market price every day all day.

Not only that, but the only place to ship gold out of Ghana is Accra, which is a minimum of 6 hour drive from the main gold bearing locations where we work. It simply is not worth the effort.

Procedures you work with regarding selling gold


Hope all is great with you .
I would like to know what type of procedures you work with regarding selling AU. I’m direct to a refinery mandate that is looking for product .
Thank you


Thank you for your inquiry. No offense, but we do not sell gold to third parties through brokers. Thankfully we don’t have to as there are dozens of buyers in Ghana with convenient gold buying office locations in every city where gold is found.

If we desired to send gold to a refinery, we can do so at any time – and so can anyone else that has gold / mines gold. We simply do not because there is no need. Cash buyers with office locations are everywhere in Ghana!

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