Metric Tons of Gold

3000kg Dore Bars per Month


We want to buy 3000kg dore bars per month


Sure you do sweetheart!

The entire production for Ghana in 2013 was 97.8 tonnes. That is equal to 97,800 kilos for the entire year, or 8,150 kilos per month for the entire country… and you want someone to supply you almost 40% of the entire production of Ghana.

That’s funny!!!!!

Can you supply 800 to 1200 Metric Tons of Gold per month?


We have gold bars buyer on CIF basis, against SBLC / LC CIF Hong Kong basis. Will buy per month 800 to 1200 MT. Please give us your FCO with discount and NCND duly filled by you.


The entire world production of gold is approximately 2,500 Metric Tons per year – No one can supply 800 to 1200 MT per month, let alone a year.

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