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Ghana Gold Dealer – Pay Up Front Money Scam


 I have been in contact with a person that told me that he was a gold dealer. I ordered 1 kilo of 22 caret gold from him but every time he was to send the gold he would have a problem that would cost more money in order for him to send the gold the last time he was to send the Gold he told me that he was at DHL and they have went up on the shipping cost from $2000.00 to ship it to me to $2895.00 now he is asking me for $895.00 more after all of the money that i have send to him. and one of the delays that he came up with that there were no 22 caret gold for sale and he said when he found some the seller wanted $1000 .00 more and when me got that he said that it was from Qatar and when he went to the pmmc in Accra Ghana they would not let him ship it so he needed to refund it and that would cost $1888.00 more and after that he said that he was at DHL trying to ship it to me and the have went up on there Shipping cost by $895.00 more. his name is Wisdom Gudu. from Accra Ghana.  I have all of the money gram receipts of money that i have send him and all of the email between he and I is there anything that can be done?


Sadly your story is similar to so many that I have received through the years… Every bit of what you are dealing with is a scam. The person you are dealing with is a con artist. You think you placed a legitimate order, and all that is happening is that this scammer is taking you down a path to pay him money that goes in his pocket… and the longer he can draw it out, the move he will get from you. Ever bit of what he is telling you is a lie. There are not “gold dealers” that are taking orders and selling / sending gold out of Africa.

His name is probably not Wisdom Gudu… and unfortunately there is nothing you can do. If you were there and tell the police – they just shake down the guy for 1/2 the money. See, they don’t look at what they are doing as stealing. They are taking your money because they feel that if you can’t see what they are doing, you deserve to lose your money.

I have cataloged numerous stories here in the Q&A section, If you haven’t, you should take the time to read through there.

I am sure the news isn’t going to make you very happy and you might try to get your money back… but you would be wasting your time. You paid a small price compared to others that I know. Chalk it up to experience and move on.

There is absolutely no discounted gold being sold anywhere on earth – especially through the internet.

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