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Gold Scam – Inherited Gold


Can you help me? I have been scammed on fake gold deal, it started on skype by person whom claimed to be a girl Rita Appiah Wilson how first had inherited a poultry farm which had been out business since her father passed away and should only need to have government tax to paid¬† to get it back in business and running after some renovation etc…. But later on I was presented, that the girl also had gold she had also inherited and she needed me to get it sold and I bought the rights for that gold by paying for the paper work needed, stamp tax, gold verification, shipment of documents to my address.

And when all that was done the next was to get money for gold release from www.linksecuritycompanygh.com/ that was the website address that I got with login details that showed the amount of gold that was deposited since 2002 an amount of 135kg of 22 carat. And provided some to get one gold bar to moved out from vault and sold, so the tax could be paid which was 27000 USD, but I got Cold feet and stopped there, but later on the tax was said to be paid by some friends to her late father. And a gold agent should ship the gold to my country or to Holland but as the fee’s to ship it far north was to expensive I said the gold should be sold in Ghana and quite soon there was a buyer ready to, pay 40000 USD/kg and a Ghana international bank ltd should be used but to get the online account to work the fee was 2500 USD to be paid thru WU.

Only that bank was allowed to use not money transfers to other banks was accepted. With some investigation I found the correct email and wrote to the bank I they confirmed it was a scam. But I can say they was very eager to get me to open that bank account several phone calls but I only delay them.  I have several phone numbers used and names of those people.


I am truly sorry to hear what all you have been through. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do.

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