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How Does A Broker Profit From A Gold Transaction?


I am a Senior Trade & Finance Consultant operating worldwide, in close contact with several serious and capable buyers of Gold Bars.

I kindly request close collaboration for marketing Gold Bars. Please confirm if you are in a position to sell on CIF terms to Dubai (UAE). Trial quantity will be 25 Kg twice, before entering into Long Term Contract (SPA)


Senior Trade & Finance Consultant = Your a Broker right?

I’m not sure how long you have been working in this business, but I would like to point out a few things that are repeated over and over on our site that you might have missed or simply didn’t read.

1) No one that mines gold needs help selling it through a broker when there are hundreds of accredited refineries that anyone can send gold to directly. You can see a more complete answer here >> http://magnacartaexchange.com/how-a-gold-broker-is-payed

2) No one will send gold to, or through a third party “CIF” and trust to be paid at some point in the future. Just by asking that question, I can tell you have no idea what you are doing. You can see a more complete answer here >> http://magnacartaexchange.com/we-supply-gold-cif – Scroll down a little to where it says “Why?” and read the Answer.

3) 25kgs of 22k gold dore is equal to @ $972,000 USD right now. It takes millions of dollars in equipment to mine that much gold in a month, more to do that in a week. Anyone that has the ability to afford the equipment and set up such an operation,  also has a well thought out way to sell the gold they mine – No Help Needed!

You are wasting your time, and if you think you are going to find a situation by which you can make money doing what you are trying to do – you will go broke before you make a single penny.

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