I need a genuine, HONEST, PMMC certified gold seller


I need a genuine, HONEST, PMMC certified gold seller I can work with, until I am able to sell 50kg gold to a very serious buyer. He wants a full cooperate offer/ SPA. When I have contacted a genuine seller, I will share more.


What you ask for you will not ever find – there are many reasons, some of which I will go over for you.

1) You are trying to be a broker and profit from gold transactions where you do not own the gold. No one that has gold needs help selling it, brokers are never paid in such transactions. 2) The PMMC is one of the largest gold buyers in Ghana, they really don’t like it when concession holders sell to anyone but them, and they will block such transactions. 3) NO ONE and I mean NO ONE that sells gold to, or moves gold through, the PMMC has that kind of volume to sell. The PMMC is for small scale mining companies only. Even the PMMC will tell you that anyone that tells you they can supply more than 5kgs a week is a scammer.

Bring Gold Bullion to me at Discounted Price


I need 8 kilo gram of 24 carat Gold bars in Dubai. Its for my jewellery. Our conditions are no upfront payment of any kind, no cif, no slbc, no cemac. If you know anyone who supply Gold bars at Ghana price in Dubai directly please let me know. We are ready with cash. Thank you.


I don’t know anyone, and imagine you would never find anyone either. The gold produce in Ghana is in the form of Dore Bars at @ 22k. Those are then sent directly to world class refineries for world prices less @ 3%. There would be absolutely no financial benefit to your proposal.

How Does A Broker Profit From A Gold Transaction?


I am a Senior Trade & Finance Consultant operating worldwide, in close contact with several serious and capable buyers of Gold Bars.

I kindly request close collaboration for marketing Gold Bars. Please confirm if you are in a position to sell on CIF terms to Dubai (UAE). Trial quantity will be 25 Kg twice, before entering into Long Term Contract (SPA)


Senior Trade & Finance Consultant = Your a Broker right?

I’m not sure how long you have been working in this business, but I would like to point out a few things that are repeated over and over on our site that you might have missed or simply didn’t read.

1) No one that mines gold needs help selling it through a broker when there are hundreds of accredited refineries that anyone can send gold to directly. You can see a more complete answer here >> http://magnacartaexchange.com/how-a-gold-broker-is-payed

2) No one will send gold to, or through a third party “CIF” and trust to be paid at some point in the future. Just by asking that question, I can tell you have no idea what you are doing. You can see a more complete answer here >> http://magnacartaexchange.com/we-supply-gold-cif – Scroll down a little to where it says “Why?” and read the Answer.

3) 25kgs of 22k gold dore is equal to @ $972,000 USD right now. It takes millions of dollars in equipment to mine that much gold in a month, more to do that in a week. Anyone that has the ability to afford the equipment and set up such an operation,  also has a well thought out way to sell the gold they mine – No Help Needed!

You are wasting your time, and if you think you are going to find a situation by which you can make money doing what you are trying to do – you will go broke before you make a single penny.

I Have Two Buyers Looking for Gold


I have 2 serious buyer and I m looking real seller for a while. Our buyers are ready to buy Gold if price is good. Pls see on below clearly situation and order details.

I need price and confirmation from you.

1- First buyer from Czech Republic. He is refinery.

Quantity will be min.100 Kg. For this CZ buyer,first meeting must be in Prague with sample. Refinery want to test sample than if all ok will purchase 100 Kg.

This meeting must be in Prague because refinery cash depo in Prague. Before the sending 100 kg ,Buyer will open Cash deposit account together the seller with the buyer. All this process will going on base notary. Payment process must be going on in Prague. That is why buyer asking, the seller must be in Prague personally.

2-Second buyer from Swiss. He has enough money and he want gold for invest.

This buyer quantity around 10 Kg to 500 Kg depends on price. This buyer can fly seller refinery and visit refinery for sample test.

We are waiting price from you.


We don’t need help finding refineries / buyers for gold. In fact no one that possesses gold needs the help of a broker. There is at least one refinery every major city on earth. There is also no discount you will find where you can simply buy gold and sell it for a profit either.

It astonishes me that there are so many people searching for discounted gold on the internet when gold actually sells for no more than 3% below the daily world price no matter where you are on earth. Let me be the first to inform you that you can’t make money trying to broker gold transactions.

While you can easily find buyers of gold, no seller needs help finding buyers. Buyers are everywhere and anyone can buy gold from companies such as http://Monex.com, but those seeking some kind of discount are left to wander the vest ocean of scammers that you continue to find on the internet. I strongly suggest you stop seeking gold sellers online or sooner or later you will lose your money or the money of others.



We are looking gold dore bars 500kgs up


We are looking gold dore bars 500kgs up, can you supply?

First Reply

Sure you are! What kind of discount are you expecting to pay?

(500kgs of gold dore at 22k is worth about $36,500 each as of today, so that is a mere $18,250,000 in value. Yea – eighteen and a quarter million USD)

First Response

We want to discount 12% because we are resell can possible ? We want longer contract.


No one will offer you a discount of 12%. Why would they, when anyone can send gold directly to any world refinery and get paid only .5-3% below world price. I only asked the question to see what you would say, and with a reply like that I can tell you that you are chasing a fantasy. No one can make money simply buying and selling gold. Anyone that mines gold would never need to sell it to a middle man when there are dozens of accredited world refineries to sell gold to directly.

You are wasting your time.

80 Kilos of Gold Perfectlife Shipping Co Inheritance Scam


Do you have information on a Harisa Adams, Mr. Augustus Obuadum Ray or Mr. Paul Asiedu Smith who are principals in trying to get me to get 80 kg of gold released from Perfectlife Shipping Co. Ltd. based in Accra, Ghana? The gold is being held by the shipping co. because a penalty for delay of shipment was assessed. I am being asked to assist in paying this penalty.


This is a scam. You have to think about the circumstance logically. Why would a shipping company actually hold an item worth $2,851,900.00 …and the owners of an item worth almost THREE MILLION dollars don’t have enough money “get it released” on their own??

1) No individuals possess three million dollars worth of gold, it takes millions of dollars in equipment to mine that much gold 2)Anyone with millions of dollars in equipment would have the ability to mine more gold and get whatever money they need to pay the alleged shipping company.

I have seen reference to fake shipping companies in the past. I have no idea if Perfect Life shipping company is “real” or not, but just because they have a semi decent website – doesn’t mean they are real.

I would love to hear more of the circumstance about how these individuals are claiming they have come to posses this gold. If they say the gold is “inherited” in any way, then you can know right away this is a scam. It’s a scam regardless, but please do tell me how they claim to be involved with this amount of gold, yet are too broke to solve their own problem.

Do you live in the USA? Have you ever been to Ghana?

First Reply

  Thanks for your prompt reply to my request. First, let me explain that I am enlisting the Ghanaian Embassy in Washington, DC as well as the Ghanaian government, and an individual in Ghana to find out whether the shipping co. and the lawyer (Mr. Ray I mentioned in the first email to you) are legitimate.

Now the story: It began with a Skype encounter with a family member, Harisa Adams.

She and I chatted have been chatting, sometimes via cam, for 8 months. About two months into our conversation she mentioned that her father had left her an inheritance of 83 kg. of gold. Immediately I told her I wanted no involvement in her inheritance, and I told her I suspected she was luring me into a scam. But she insisted the gold was real…and insisted for many weeks. Her inheritance was not the main topic of our conversation. She needed money to study midwifery, or for the rent or for her mom’s medication. We discussed religion, other members of her family, poetry, etc.

I asked why she was so financially needy since she had an inheritance. She said she could not access it as it was being held by a security agency. I paid the lawyer to start proceedings to have the gold released from the security agency. Then she suggested that she wanted with her mother to move to the USA to live a new life with the gold, that she did not want to sell the gold in Ghana, and would I help.

I sent money to have the gold transferred into my name to have it sent to me in Guam where we live and where Harisa could study nursing and buy a house with the selling of some portion of the gold.

Mr. Ray, the lawyer, delivered the gold to Perfectlife Shipping Co., Ltd., based in central Accra, Ghana. The shipping company accepted the consignment and issued an invoice. I was asked to pay 58,000 for the shipment. I told the lawyer and Mr. Smith of the shipping co. that I could not access that kind of money, so the consignment was never sent to Guam. Instead the shipping co. assessed a penalty of $300/day for delay of shipment. This is where we stand now.

Harisa managed to loan 3,000 from an uncle; the lawyer raised 6,500; the outstanding amount of 7,500 I was to come up with to pay the penalty to have the gold released. Once released from the shipper Harisa was going to sell 3 kg. of the gold in Ghana to pay for all shipping in advance so I would not be liable for the shipping expenses as a part of the gold would pay these fees for what remained (77 kg.).

That’s the story. Do I believe Harisa? About 75% of me believes her, 25% not.

I have not been to Ghana, but we have lived in South Africa and Namibia, a total of five years. Harisa claimed her father was South African. To test this I started chatting in Afrikaans, and she responded in Afrikaans!!!! This lent some legitimacy to her claim that her dad was South African.


Please refer to my reply above… and know that I don’t claim to be psychic. I have seen the same scam too many times. From my previous reply >> If they say the gold is “inherited” in any way, then you can know right away this is a scam.

Second Reply

Thanks, I will let you know how this turns out

I want to buy the gold bar


I want to buy the gold bar! I’m working in Hong Kong.

Just need to find the CIF condition suppler. Can you give to me procedure or information.


You want to “buy the gold bar” – lol.. AND you want gold “CIF” = you want delivery of gold directly to you at no cost to you, and the supplier can hope you pay sometime in the future – is that about right??


I hope that. But that’s  dream? Maybe?


More than a dream – that is a fantasy.

3000kg Dore Bars per Month


We want to buy 3000kg dore bars per month


Sure you do sweetheart!

The entire production for Ghana in 2013 was 97.8 tonnes. That is equal to 97,800 kilos for the entire year, or 8,150 kilos per month for the entire country… and you want someone to supply you almost 40% of the entire production of Ghana.

That’s funny!!!!!

Ship Gold to Buyer via CIF


Dear Sir, one of my direct buyer decide to purchase 20/ 30 Kg Dore bars CIF to deliver to his refinery in ITALY, so, please send your procedure for me asap, a waiting to ur prompt reply.


No one will delivery gold to a third party CIF. Ever. Miners can send gold to any top refinery without the need of a broker. You are wasting your time.


Thanks for your prompt reply and advice, it’s possible for me to tell buyer to send directly offer for you which he has own refinery, so, if it’s possible in these way, please inform me what you need to receive behalf of buyer LOI or just buyer complete information to receive seller officially SCO, meanwhile I am in touch with serious buyers which they can purchase high quantity Bullion Bars, so, if in these way you have interest to cooperate, please inform me to coordinate everything between, a waiting to your response.


No one needs help finding refineries. No one needs to send LOIs or SCOs. They are meaningless. Bullion bars come from refineries, so if your friend will supply you bullion, then you can possibly get paid a small fee for sourcing bullion buyers from your friend, otherwise there is absolutely no way to make money doing what you are doing.

Sales reps for refineries do make fees. Brokers trying to hook up sellers and buyers are not needed and will never be paid by either side.

Are There any Real Gold Sellers in Ghana


I would like to know if you had the chance of purchasing gold from Ghana in the end? Are there real gold sellers or everyone is in the scam business? I’m being contacted by so many sellers, although I know that 99% are fake. For the beginning I’ve been asking for documents which should be sent to me but verified by a notary or any government body. They send them to me on mail but don’t want to send a copy of the documents which make it very hard to think that they are real sellers.

Thank you in advance!!


There are really no “gold sellers” in Ghana. Period. In the area gold is mined, it is sold to local buyers as fast as it comes out of the ground. 5% below spot is the best price I have ever seen gold be sold for, and that was in a very remote area where the miners would have too far to go to get 3% below.. which is the standard price. Those remote areas are locations where illegal mining happens, and only a few dozen grams a day / at a time is what the Galamsey miners produce. It takes official buying offices a week to gather 1kg of gold from the local miners.. so 5 kgs + is a months worth of production for local production in remote locations.

Although Ghana is well known as a top gold producer, the companies that produce that gold are all publicly traded and they do not sell gold to anyone. They send that gold directly to refineries.


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