Can You Handle This Gold Transaction


Can you handle this transaction please ????? I have a gold buyer in Ghana now for 10 days. Paying gross 28,000, net 26,000. Paying in USD, cash. Start with 10-20KG or more, and then rolls and extensions.

The buyer will make arrangements to meet at the refinery (not PMMC) after receiving Sellers name, quantity of gold and Proof of Product, photos with newspaper or a note on top of the gold says date and my name “S B”.   Need the email, skype and phone numbers.

Buyer will call and schedule appointments on Monday, Tuesday,etc.”


Tell him to go home while he still can. There are absolutely no “gold sellers” in Ghana that you will find. They don’t exist. It takes millions of dollars in equipment to produce that much gold. Tell your “buyer” to look around and realize there are gold buying offices in every city in Ghana. Gold is sold as fast as it comes out of the ground, especially by small scale miners. Large scale miners sell gold directly to world class refineries, or sometimes PMMC or AA Minerals.

Good Luck, you’re going to need it because you might not be able see through the greed. There is no discounted gold “for sale” anywhere on earth. Especially in Ghana.

Real Sellers of Gold


I am looking for real sellers of gold


There are plenty of places to buy gold such as any of the world refineries found here >>

If what you are looking for is a place to buy DISCOUNTED gold – you are wasting your time and will lose more than you could ever make in the process. The only way to get discounted gold is to mine it, or invest in the mining operations. It takes millions of dollars in equipment to successfully mine gold.

As far as buying gold, I would take the time to read all that as written here in the Question and Answer section before looking further.

Ghana Gold Dealer – Pay Up Front Money Scam


 I have been in contact with a person that told me that he was a gold dealer. I ordered 1 kilo of 22 caret gold from him but every time he was to send the gold he would have a problem that would cost more money in order for him to send the gold the last time he was to send the Gold he told me that he was at DHL and they have went up on the shipping cost from $2000.00 to ship it to me to $2895.00 now he is asking me for $895.00 more after all of the money that i have send to him. and one of the delays that he came up with that there were no 22 caret gold for sale and he said when he found some the seller wanted $1000 .00 more and when me got that he said that it was from Qatar and when he went to the pmmc in Accra Ghana they would not let him ship it so he needed to refund it and that would cost $1888.00 more and after that he said that he was at DHL trying to ship it to me and the have went up on there Shipping cost by $895.00 more. his name is Wisdom Gudu. from Accra Ghana.  I have all of the money gram receipts of money that i have send him and all of the email between he and I is there anything that can be done?


Sadly your story is similar to so many that I have received through the years… Every bit of what you are dealing with is a scam. The person you are dealing with is a con artist. You think you placed a legitimate order, and all that is happening is that this scammer is taking you down a path to pay him money that goes in his pocket… and the longer he can draw it out, the move he will get from you. Ever bit of what he is telling you is a lie. There are not “gold dealers” that are taking orders and selling / sending gold out of Africa.

His name is probably not Wisdom Gudu… and unfortunately there is nothing you can do. If you were there and tell the police – they just shake down the guy for 1/2 the money. See, they don’t look at what they are doing as stealing. They are taking your money because they feel that if you can’t see what they are doing, you deserve to lose your money.

I have cataloged numerous stories here in the Q&A section, If you haven’t, you should take the time to read through there.

I am sure the news isn’t going to make you very happy and you might try to get your money back… but you would be wasting your time. You paid a small price compared to others that I know. Chalk it up to experience and move on.

There is absolutely no discounted gold being sold anywhere on earth – especially through the internet.

Buying Gold Through AA Minerals


Dear Sir, I have been approached by a Seller that has 150 kg of gold to sell. The buyer has specified that he prefers to work through AA Refinery or any other refinery except PMMC.

If you can help in this regard please send me your info


I hope you took the time to read ALL that is on the Q&A here. Please do before you go any further in your pursuit.

There is NO ONE that just sits around and collects 150kgs of gold. That would take many months to do so… and no one can afford to do that. Based upon that alone, the offer is a scam.

Having said that, AA Minerals is the most trustworthy company to facilitate the buying of gold in Ghana. You still have to be VERY careful. AA with not help you make sure the procedure is safe (unless you possibly sit down with them without the seller and ask).

A safe procedure would be to follow the same way that AA buys. The seller must agree to smelt ALL of the gold you buy at the same time. NEVER NEVER buy gold based upon testing a sample.

The chances are that anyone offering 5kgs or more is SCAMMER. The folks at AA Minerals will tell you that too if you speak to them BEFORE you talk about the “seller”. AA Minerals will pay to -2% to -3% below world market price. If a seller is willing to do a transaction through AA Minerals at a higher discount than that 1) they will sell to AA before selling to you and 2) they are a scammer.

Thanks From a Reader


I just want to thank and applaud you for all of the advice and gold buying education you’ve given on your site. I’ve felt sorry for the many US, Chinese, and European buyers that have unknowingly traveled to Africa and got scammed. The scammers play for keeps. They show NO mercy. I pray that every buyer that wants to purchase gold from Africa reads your site on buyer’s education of buying gold in Africa.


Just got scammed in Ghana – I should have listened

The following is a conversation with someone that has been interested in going to Ghana on a gold buying expedition. He finally got the adventure he was looking for ..

[3:50:59 PM] MY FRIEND: I just lose my face in Accra they scam me, I know you warned me, but I didn’t want to hear all your old advice. Very bad in Accra now. I go to police and nothing

[3:51:41 PM] ME: so you went there and lost money?

[3:52:09 PM] MY FRIEND: I lose money and ticket and hotel now need 500$ to leave. Been waiting on the police 10 days now. I go to Dubai and then Accra after meet the buyer and borrow money for the documents and this man 3 years with me online now I am sure all scam only.

[3:53:23 PM] ME: Wow. I did warn you buddy – for years

[3:53:41 PM] MY FRIEND: ohhh yea

[3:55:25 PM] ME: so what happened?

[3:55:58 PM] MY FRIEND: same story but with other way, they come to me from Benin with fake gold. I take deposit of gold and pay $9000

[3:56:28 PM] ME: no testing? acid?

[3:56:35 PM] MY FRIEND: after I try check it find it sand. They switch it

[3:56:47 PM] ME: yep. That is how it’s done. The police will not help you. All they will do is take money from you – and from the crooks too if they catch them. The government will not help either

[3:58:05 PM] MY FRIEND: ohhhh.

[3:58:29 PM] MY FRIEND: I dream back anything. I borrowed the money from friend in Egypt

[3:58:41 PM | Edited 3:58:51 PM] ME: Their mentality is that it is your fault – for being greedy. They really do not blame the scammers. They blame you – no matter what they might say to you. That is how their culture is. Sorry buddy – you got off better than most… some have lost a whole lot more.

Is Elmahrose Mines is a scammer?


I received the following FCO from Elmahrose Mines Co Ltd   – do you think they are a legitimate company??

From the FCO >>>

Dear   Sir

Please Kindly take your time and read the below keenly for its very important for your understanding, also go through our FCO if ok sign seal and send back to us

Look we are a cooperative Group of Local Miners which is willing and able to grow one day for we have been but in the national Market for a long period, so we decided to form the Elmahrose Mines Co Ltd   so that we can associate together a group of local miners and   bring more miners to our Board and sell their Various Consignment under the Cooperation

 Sr. Cameroon is a country which is classified as Africa In Miniature whereby we have all the available resources but we cant make use of them since some are lying Underused, some have not yet been discovered, some are been misused E.T.C…. Blah Blah Blah – on and on.


I will tell you that I personally know a company that sent Elmarose no less that four S.W.I.F.T message… and never received a single gram of gold. They are 100% a scam.

“Cooperatives” just simply don’t exist. That is the same as saying we have 10 widget manufacturing companies and we put all of our widgets together to sell it to the world market… now who is going to do that? No one can trust anyone as it is, yet you would believe that multiple independent companies all heep up gold in a pile and trust one guy to do all the selling? Now that is ridiculous under ever other circumstance for ever other type of  company on earth… so how could you believe that is how it works in the gold business?


How a gold broker is payed


I have been reading your suggestion and advise in connection with the dealing of gold business with seller & buyer’s. May I ask you a question that, if a buyer or seller deceive a broker from paying his agreed commission. How the broker can realize the commission from the buyer or seller please advise.


Brokers do not make money in the gold business unless you work for a company that sells bullion, possibly a refinery, jeweler or manufacturer. Miners do not need / use brokers at all. In fact no one that has gold needs the help of anyone to sell it. Precious metals are actually NOT commodities such as wheat, sugar rice in the fact there there is NEVER an abundant supply that requires a sales force (brokers) to help “sell” precious metals. Precious metals are actually MONEY. They can be fashioned into legal tender. No other class of commodities in their raw form be simply stamped into money.

Not only that, the margins are VERY thin. Gold out of the ground, for example can be sold for -2 to -3% below its actual value. There is no room for a broker to even make any money. The idea that gold sells for some kind of significant discount is where the problem begins. Gold is not perishable, is sold for at or over it’s value, depending upon it’s form i.e. jewelry, never is there an excess or over abundance in a way that would cause there a reason to offer gold at “sale prices”.

Let me ask you something – if you needed to change British Pounds into USD – do you need a broker to help you, or can you locate a place by yourself to trade Pounds for USD? Now the location that facilitates the money exchange does charge a very small fee to facilitate that transaction – and that is exactly how it works when you want to trade Gold for Cash! No one needs and help because there are hundreds of thousands thousands, perhaps millions of places on the face of the earth where you can trade Gold for Cash.

You need to look for an actual commodity to be a broker for. Being a broker is certainly difficult, but being a broker of precious metals is darn near impossible. NO ONE needs your “help”!!

Ghana Gold Scam via

Today I have discovered I have been scammed by Jonathan Beck in Amasaman Accra, Ghana.  One month ago he IM me on  and convinced me he was F-7 Staff Sergeant in Damascus coming home in 3 weeks.  He used his silver tongue.  A fake picture was sent.  First it was a cell phone for his “birthday” then it was the luggage that was sent to Ghana for missionary and urgent messages which included luggage was scanned and in it was 82 gold bars worth million, a gold necklace and gold ring and card to me,  then a document that looked official from Ghana for fees.

So they got that out of me, then I was told he missed his flight to London to come home and needed money for flight from Ghana to London.  Other names involved..Patrick Kwabena Ani Amasaman Accra  Ghana  test question Education,, he was posing as an immigration officer.  Patrick was his secretary.

So I was deceived and lost money I couldn’t afford to lose.  They are very good at what they do so do not believe them and it seems unlikely anyone can get them.  I feel very fortunate that I didn’t go over there as the situation would have turned from a nightmare into a horror show.  I am sharing my story in hopes it will warn others of what is going on.  Thanks.

Gold Scam – Inherited Gold


Can you help me? I have been scammed on fake gold deal, it started on skype by person whom claimed to be a girl Rita Appiah Wilson how first had inherited a poultry farm which had been out business since her father passed away and should only need to have government tax to paid  to get it back in business and running after some renovation etc…. But later on I was presented, that the girl also had gold she had also inherited and she needed me to get it sold and I bought the rights for that gold by paying for the paper work needed, stamp tax, gold verification, shipment of documents to my address.

And when all that was done the next was to get money for gold release from that was the website address that I got with login details that showed the amount of gold that was deposited since 2002 an amount of 135kg of 22 carat. And provided some to get one gold bar to moved out from vault and sold, so the tax could be paid which was 27000 USD, but I got Cold feet and stopped there, but later on the tax was said to be paid by some friends to her late father. And a gold agent should ship the gold to my country or to Holland but as the fee’s to ship it far north was to expensive I said the gold should be sold in Ghana and quite soon there was a buyer ready to, pay 40000 USD/kg and a Ghana international bank ltd should be used but to get the online account to work the fee was 2500 USD to be paid thru WU.

Only that bank was allowed to use not money transfers to other banks was accepted. With some investigation I found the correct email and wrote to the bank I they confirmed it was a scam. But I can say they was very eager to get me to open that bank account several phone calls but I only delay them.  I have several phone numbers used and names of those people.


I am truly sorry to hear what all you have been through. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do.

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