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Ready to Supply 2 Metric Ton Gold


I have a client for PPP ,who is a gold trader/buyer. He made an offer for 2 MT per month and the seller did not perform. I know he has 150 MT SKR for gold in a bank. I believe he would want quantity. He asked for a ‘Sales and Purchase Agreement’ from my fake seller @ 2 MT monthly.

Can you come up with a situation that might be of interest to him ?


2 MT of gold is 2,000 kilos of gold – or about 70,500 ounces of gold x 12 months = 846,000 ounces of gold per year. Ghana’s largest mine is located Tarkwa, owned by Gold Fields Ltd. which is a publicly traded company. Last year Gold Fields produced approximately 760,000 ounces of gold…. and you are asking for more gold in a year than the largest mine in Ghana produces. Needless to say, there is no way we could help you – and it is our opinion that you will not find any individual mining company on earth that will supply you this much gold.

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