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Ship Gold to Buyer via CIF


Dear Sir, one of my direct buyer decide to purchase 20/ 30 Kg Dore bars CIF to deliver to his refinery in ITALY, so, please send your procedure for me asap, a waiting to ur prompt reply.


No one will delivery gold to a third party CIF. Ever. Miners can send gold to any top refinery without the need of a broker. You are wasting your time.


Thanks for your prompt reply and advice, it’s possible for me to tell buyer to send directly offer for you which he has own refinery, so, if it’s possible in these way, please inform me what you need to receive behalf of buyer LOI or just buyer complete information to receive seller officially SCO, meanwhile I am in touch with serious buyers which they can purchase high quantity Bullion Bars, so, if in these way you have interest to cooperate, please inform me to coordinate everything between, a waiting to your response.


No one needs help finding refineries. No one needs to send LOIs or SCOs. They are meaningless. Bullion bars come from refineries, so if your friend will supply you bullion, then you can possibly get paid a small fee for sourcing bullion buyers from your friend, otherwise there is absolutely no way to make money doing what you are doing.

Sales reps for refineries do make fees. Brokers trying to hook up sellers and buyers are not needed and will never be paid by either side.

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