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Will we supply gold CIF?


We are   looking for serious Sellers of listed below products with following terms;

  • 50-100kg of Gold  per week with delivery CIF Warsaw-Poland,
  • Copper cathode CIF Hamburg-Germany in the amount of 22MT to 100MT per month
  • Diamonds CIF delivered to Zurich-Switzerland

Please note that we are interested only in CIF offers, without any preliminary payments or prepayment fees. Serious and determined entrepreneurs are welcome to cooperate.


We do not supply gold to third parties, but if we did it would never be CIF.




No one is going to send you gold “CIF”.

CIF is an Incoterm term – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incoterms – referring to sea transportation by ship, which is always secured through a bank instrument, usually a letter of credit, and including the presentation of the official documents (bill of lading, commercial invoice, insurance document plus certification of product and certification of origin) which the buyer has to pay for.

The correct term you for the method you are looking for would be “free assayer/refinery” or “free tax free warehouse” or “free airport” plus “payment after assay”.  NO ONE that mines gold would ever just “CIF” gold anywhere unless the person receiving it was somehow involved in the mining of it… or unless they pre-paid / sponsored the mining operation, or unless you are a well known refinery – and refineries are not hard to find. http://www.lbma.org.uk/good-delivery-list-recent-additions

Real buyers of raw gold arrange meetings with the sellers; check the goods, get the gold into a security warehouse (and possibly check again) and then pay.

Furthermore it takes millions of dollars in equipment to mine millions of dollars in gold and only a publicly traded company has the ability to mine such a volume of gold and a publicly traded company would never sell gold to a third party – they would only sell directly to a refinery … which again are not hard to find – http://www.lbma.org.uk/good-delivery-list-recent-additions

You are wasting your time chasing your tail with such a request. NO One has that much “extra gold”, only well funded publicly traded companies that own millions of dollars in equipment can produce that much gold per month, and finally NO ONE is going to send you gold via the method you THINK you understand.


Willing to pay 3% tax to get gold now


I can send my representative with visa to you in your destination with 5kg to 25kg maximum  if  you can pay for 3% Government Tax to complete the insurance and documents for the delivery.


There is absolutely no way we will pay for any fees what so ever. This is a classic scam. If you have gold, then you can get enough cash to pay whatever fees need to be paid to move the gold out of your country. Nice try.

Gold Delivery via MT799


Do you have some secured and verified offer from genuine seller (Dore Bar 22k) ? I have buyer that may work with MT799.


No seller will send gold based upon an instrument such as an MT799 – it’s too much risk for the seller.

An MT799 is only a Proof of Funds. They are worthless and meaningless. You have to think about this logically. No one will send REAL product to you based upon a POF.

No seller will ever send gold based upon a MT799, however there are supposed sellers everywhere advertising that procedure. Take a look  here >> http://www.ecplaza.net/mt799–everything.html. Every single one of those “sellers” are fake.


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