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Gold Dore supply to Ghana Gold Refineries


Do I understand correctly if I say that you supply gold dore to refineries out of Ghana?


There are many small scale mining companies that sell their production to the buying companies in the cities we work in on a daily or weekly basis. They are not “refineries”, they are actually gold buyers with legal offices set up in every city in Ghana where gold is found.

If you are going to ask if we can supply gold to you, the answer is we don’t supply gold to third parties – and the reasons are many. When the need arises to trade gold production for cash, it is to pay for expenses such as fuel or labor. This need is immediate and the local buyers have cash available and their offices and they are open every day. The going price the local buyers pay is 2-5% below the world market price every day all day.

Not only that, but the only place to ship gold out of Ghana is Accra, which is a minimum of 6 hour drive from the main gold bearing locations where we work. It simply is not worth the effort.

We can supply 100kgs of Gold per month


1. Do you do have 100 kg of Gold, and is the Gold in SA / Ghana?

2. Send me a SFCO / Photo’s of Gold / Contract. I need the Gold on a Monthly Basis . When can we Transact ?


100 kgs is 100,000 grams. In Ghana the gold content per ton is usually less than 2 grams per ton. 1.5 grams would be a HIGH yield. It takes about a million dollars worth of equipment to process 100 tons per hour and a typical shift is 8 hours.

That mean it would take 100,000 / 1.5 or 66,666 tons of processed material to yield 100,000 grams. At 100 tons per hour that is 666 hours divide by 8 hours = it would take 83.33 days to produce that much gold a – several months.

We do not send FCOs / Contracts as all the gold we have seen is sold in Ghana. There is no need to involve foreign “buyers”, there are buying offices in every city in Ghana. You can see pictures of real gold production on our site at http://www.MagnaCartaExchange.com

Clients that are seeking gold CIF to their refineries.


I hope this message finds you well.  I would like to advise you of my current position in gold , mining, operations as such (iron ore)

I am affiliated with some very influential people in the business who have their own concessions in Africa – Ghana, Mali , Sierra Leone.

They take their gold and its presold to refineries, banks in Europe and in Dubai for spot or sometimes 2% over spot on all finished product.

I do have clients that are seeking gold CIF to their refineries.  I know this is asking a lot because gold typically does not have a discount. Can you be so kind as to advise me if you have the ability to send to one of my buyers in Dallas TX at approx 45-46 per kg?

If so, any quantity will do to build a relationship.

We are establishing our own facility in Utah to process iron ore bodies ~ very time consuming, equipment, engineering, logistics all have to be perfected but it should be fully operational by end of April

I look forward to your reply.


We have a refinery account with Dillon Gage in Texas. If I was going to CIF gold, I would simply CIF it to my account and not anyone else’s.

… and you are right, the entire gold production process at its core runs off of pre-buy or sponsorship investments. Anyone that is fronting all the money for their operations (investors or self financed) will demand top dollar for their goods… and that means there are no discounts available.

Gold is money … and money is ONLY discounted when you have to exchange it for other money. Likewise gold is only discounted when traded for cash.. but in either transaction the tolerable discount is small – always.

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