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Gold Scam – Inherited Gold


Can you help me? I have been scammed on fake gold deal, it started on skype by person whom claimed to be a girl Rita Appiah Wilson how first had inherited a poultry farm which had been out business since her father passed away and should only need to have government tax to paid¬† to get it back in business and running after some renovation etc…. But later on I was presented, that the girl also had gold she had also inherited and she needed me to get it sold and I bought the rights for that gold by paying for the paper work needed, stamp tax, gold verification, shipment of documents to my address.

And when all that was done the next was to get money for gold release from that was the website address that I got with login details that showed the amount of gold that was deposited since 2002 an amount of 135kg of 22 carat. And provided some to get one gold bar to moved out from vault and sold, so the tax could be paid which was 27000 USD, but I got Cold feet and stopped there, but later on the tax was said to be paid by some friends to her late father. And a gold agent should ship the gold to my country or to Holland but as the fee’s to ship it far north was to expensive I said the gold should be sold in Ghana and quite soon there was a buyer ready to, pay 40000 USD/kg and a Ghana international bank ltd should be used but to get the online account to work the fee was 2500 USD to be paid thru WU.

Only that bank was allowed to use not money transfers to other banks was accepted. With some investigation I found the correct email and wrote to the bank I they confirmed it was a scam. But I can say they was very eager to get me to open that bank account several phone calls but I only delay them.  I have several phone numbers used and names of those people.


I am truly sorry to hear what all you have been through. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do.

The Vatican is buying gold?!!


Hi,  how are you , hope you will be fine by the grace of God !

I have real buyer for Gold, and interested to buy B2B , please contact me if you have quantity available for sell let me know , buyer is from the Vatican.


And I guess they are looking for a discount? If you are coming to us to supply the Vatican – that shows how rare Gold really is! All I can say is WOW…. the Vatican can’t find gold?! No Way.


Ready to Supply 2 Metric Ton Gold


I have a client for PPP ,who is a gold trader/buyer. He made an offer for 2 MT per month and the seller did not perform. I know he has 150 MT SKR for gold in a bank. I believe he would want quantity. He asked for a ‘Sales and Purchase Agreement’ from my fake seller @ 2 MT monthly.

Can you come up with a situation that might be of interest to him ?


2 MT of gold is 2,000 kilos of gold – or about 70,500 ounces of gold x 12 months = 846,000 ounces of gold per year. Ghana’s largest mine is located Tarkwa, owned by Gold Fields Ltd. which is a publicly traded company. Last year Gold Fields produced approximately 760,000 ounces of gold…. and you are asking for more gold in a year than the largest mine in Ghana produces. Needless to say, there is no way we could help you – and it is our opinion that you will not find any individual mining company on earth that will supply you this much gold.

Procedures you work with regarding selling gold


Hope all is great with you .
I would like to know what type of procedures you work with regarding selling AU. I’m direct to a refinery mandate that is looking for product .
Thank you


Thank you for your inquiry. No offense, but we do not sell gold to third parties through brokers. Thankfully we don’t have to as there are dozens of buyers in Ghana with convenient gold buying office locations in every city where gold is found.

If we desired to send gold to a refinery, we can do so at any time – and so can anyone else that has gold / mines gold. We simply do not because there is no need. Cash buyers with office locations are everywhere in Ghana!

Can we help sell your gold?


Hi , I work for a company in Switzerland which is a commodity broker. I’m wondering if you are using any broker for your business in connecting buyer and sellers of your commodity projects.


We appreciate your inquiry however we do not need a broker to help us sell gold. I’m not sure about other commodities, However No one really needs a broker for gold transactions. Anyone that mines gold will seek to sell it for top dollar directly to a gold refinery.

Is it legal to just fly in to Ghana and buy kilos of gold?


We are miner’s agent and work directly with Ghana local miners to buy gold from them and
export to clients at a very good discount rate, without any intermediary involved.
We have the capacity to produce and gather 20-50kg of alluvial gold dust/gold bars every
month. We are now looking for only serious direct buyer who can travel to West Africa Ghana
to inspect and test products on FOB trade basis, are you a buyer or do you know any buyers to refer to us?


Here are some facts:

It takes a monumental effort to by gold where it is found – many hours down bad roads away from Accra.

Most miners sell their gold in either Tarkwa, Kumasi, Bibiani, or somewhere in between because Accra is HOURS away from where the mining occurs.

Even in remote areas there are gold buying offices paying no less than 5% below the world price.

There is no way you are buying gold at a discount big enough to take the time and go through the logistical hoops required to buy gold “in the bush” and then take it all the way to Accra to sell to foreign buyers – because there is simply too much competition and the price is too high for that to be profitable.

The only conclusion is that you are drawing in buyers that don’t understand all of what was just said in order to scam them in some way…

We are in no way “competitors” because we, just like everyone else that really has gold in Ghana, sell it to the closest legal buyer paying top dollar…. AND you failed to mention that it is ILLEGAL for foreigners to just fly in and by gold. You have to be licensed to do so!

See “buyers” with real money that don’t know the rules can come to Ghana and lose their money to scammers like you because you know that it is illegal for them to buy and have the gold on them. It is real easy to take both the gold and the money – all you have to do is pay off a few “professionals” and your scam is complete.

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