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Ready to supply Gold Bullion Swiss procedures


Please advise availability of gold bullion, Swiss procedure, bank-to-bank. I have interested buyers in USA. SPOT of 100mt would be OK, but quantity and prices shall be negotiable.


Swiss procedures are fake – made up by brokers. No one will send you gold via “Swiss procedures”. 100mt SPOT? wow.. That is a tremendous amount of gold and is is doubtful you would ever find that much gold at one time anywhere… unless you are a bank or a country.

Is this Gold Offer legitimate?


Please see email below and attachments – in your opinion do you think this is looks like legitimate paperwork?


I am not familiar with this countries official documents however no one can buy gold based upon such documents. Someone has to go in person and inspect the goods, perform the testing, and arrange the shipping. NEVER let the seller arrange testing locations or spec shipping companies.

Take the gold out on your person in a brief case or carry on bag. Never let it leave your site once it has been assayed.

Good luck always!

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