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The Vatican is buying gold?!!


Hi,  how are you , hope you will be fine by the grace of God !

I have real buyer for Gold, and interested to buy B2B , please contact me if you have quantity available for sell let me know , buyer is from the Vatican.


And I guess they are looking for a discount? If you are coming to us to supply the Vatican – that shows how rare Gold really is! All I can say is WOW…. the Vatican can’t find gold?! No Way.


Seller in Ghana that will bring gold to AA Minerals


I went 13 times in Ghana to buy gold. I paid my registration to ASAP VASA and AA MINERALS. I met hundred of false sellers and even the real sellers make the scam in parallel. With my partner we lost 350,000 euro. I also met German people which has his mine at 250 km of Accra with many heavy machines but does not find a lot of gold, Ghana it is very hard for the business.

If you know a real gold seller in bush which agrees to go to AA MINERALS to smelt the totality of gold, thank you for informing me about it, you will have your commission. Thank you in advance.


There is no way to make money from simply buying and selling gold in Ghana.

If a seller is willing to bring gold to Accra from the bush, they would more than likely sell to AA Minerals before they would sell to you anyway as they have the reputation and facilities.

Also, AA Minerals pays 3% below world market price… They will sell to you at 2%, but unless you need gold for manufacturing, there is no way to make money buying and selling gold at those prices.

Will you supply Gold on a CIF basis, MT799 to our refinery?


I’m representing buyers in Germany, Czech and Dubai, and I am looking for additional sources who can supply. As is see you have your options would this be possible with you? CIF basis, MT799 to refinery etc etc.


We get this question all the time and the answer is a simple no. No one will ever ship you gold CIF unless you have invested in the mining operation…. and I mean no one. Why?

CIF stands for Cost, Insurance and Freight. Basically you are asking someone with gold (a real tangible product) to send you gold, pay the shipping fee and the insurance based upon an MT799 which is nothing more than a Proof of Funds. That is like me saying, let me send you my bank statement, and you send me thousands, hundreds, or millions of dollars worth of gold, and we promise to pay you! If the gold was yours, would you do that?

The fact is that anyone that has gold can CIF it to any refinery on earth, so why would they CIF it to you / your refinery? They won’t.

We can supply 100kgs of Gold per month


1. Do you do have 100 kg of Gold, and is the Gold in SA / Ghana?

2. Send me a SFCO / Photo’s of Gold / Contract. I need the Gold on a Monthly Basis . When can we Transact ?


100 kgs is 100,000 grams. In Ghana the gold content per ton is usually less than 2 grams per ton. 1.5 grams would be a HIGH yield. It takes about a million dollars worth of equipment to process 100 tons per hour and a typical shift is 8 hours.

That mean it would take 100,000 / 1.5 or 66,666 tons of processed material to yield 100,000 grams. At 100 tons per hour that is 666 hours divide by 8 hours = it would take 83.33 days to produce that much gold a – several months.

We do not send FCOs / Contracts as all the gold we have seen is sold in Ghana. There is no need to involve foreign “buyers”, there are buying offices in every city in Ghana. You can see pictures of real gold production on our site at

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