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We are looking gold dore bars 500kgs up


We are looking gold dore bars 500kgs up, can you supply?

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Sure you are! What kind of discount are you expecting to pay?

(500kgs of gold dore at 22k is worth about $36,500 each as of today, so that is a mere $18,250,000 in value. Yea – eighteen and a quarter million USD)

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We want to discount 12% because we are resell can possible ? We want longer contract.


No one will offer you a discount of 12%. Why would they, when anyone can send gold directly to any world refinery and get paid only .5-3% below world price. I only asked the question to see what you would say, and with a reply like that I can tell you that you are chasing a fantasy. No one can make money simply buying and selling gold. Anyone that mines gold would never need to sell it to a middle man when there are dozens of accredited world refineries to sell gold to directly.

You are wasting your time.

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