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We can supply 100kgs of Gold per month


1. Do you do have 100 kg of Gold, and is the Gold in SA / Ghana?

2. Send me a SFCO / Photo’s of Gold / Contract. I need the Gold on a Monthly Basis . When can we Transact ?


100 kgs is 100,000 grams. In Ghana the gold content per ton is usually less than 2 grams per ton. 1.5 grams would be a HIGH yield. It takes about a million dollars worth of equipment to process 100 tons per hour and a typical shift is 8 hours.

That mean it would take 100,000 / 1.5 or 66,666 tons of processed material to yield 100,000 grams. At 100 tons per hour that is 666 hours divide by 8 hours = it would take 83.33 days to produce that much gold a – several months.

We do not send FCOs / Contracts as all the gold we have seen is sold in Ghana. There is no need to involve foreign “buyers”, there are buying offices in every city in Ghana. You can see pictures of real gold production on our site at http://www.MagnaCartaExchange.com

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